It was made in 1969 in German machine factory Niehoff. It was used in processing plants for winding wire in wiredrawing mill. The first wiredrawing mill was opened in Jesenice as early as in 1890. As the steelworks was expanding, the original location became too small and the cold rolling mill and the wiredrawing mill were moved to Hrenovica, to a location near Stara Sava. The plans for the factory were drawn by engineer Miroslav Nikolič during the Second World War in a German camp.  The wiredrawing plant produced wire for vineyards, fences, sieves, nets, filters, rotors, coils, electrical installations, bookbinders and for manufacturing wire nails, screws and chains. In 2020 the wiredrawing machine was renovated within Naša industrijska dediščina naš ponos (Our industrial heritage – our pride) Project.

A worker at the wire-drawing machine in 1979