Climb to the mountain

Gamified museum collection of the history of mountaineering in Slovenia.

Permanent exhibition Museum mountain path has been designed as a museum story, you will experience during your own climb to the mountain. Through 11 contents you will walk the milestones of Slovenian mountaineering, alpine and mountain-rescue history and get to know why people have always been attracted to the mountains. The history of Slovenian mountaineering, interwoven with patriotism, leads you from the beginnings of organised mountaineering to first alpine climbs and top achievements of our climbers in Slovenian and foreign mountains. On your way, you will be meeting first mountain guides, porters, mountain rescuers and people who were making paths. To be safe also outside the museum, you will be accompanied by instructions for safe mountaineering. Like in the mountains, also our museum path is surrounded by beautiful nature and we pay special attention to keep it. The Museum path is marked by the Knafelc blazes.

entry fees:

Collect all the stamps on the path to the top through various experiences, interactive tasks, tests … and you will get an award at the end. The Museum Mountain path can become a story for each visitor, in the same way as the real climb to the mountain.