“The war is still raging. But in the end, peace will bless all the valleys, and the old peace of God will mercifully reign over the mountains. Then we will visit our graves and thank our dead. ” Julius Kugy, My War in Julian  Alps.

The guide introduces the visitor to the cultural and historical heritage of the First World War. In addition to rich photographic and cartographic material, you will find descriptions of individual historical points that are definitely worth visiting. The guide will take you along the tracks of the Isonzo Front, past the peaks of the Julian Alps in the Upper Soča, across the Goriška region and the Karst all the way to Trieste and the Adriatic coast. In the text, special emphasis is placed on open-air museums, which are arranged in the areas of the former Italian or Austro-Hungarian front line. In these places, the remnants of the Great War are best preserved, restored, maintained, and at the same time more easily accessible. It is the only work that shows in one place the heritage of the Isonzo Front, which has been preserved in nature and can be visited today. The guide is supported by maps and graphs of 15 sections that run from the Alps to the Adriatic, and each section can be traversed or. to cycle in one day. Additionally, the guide brings lists of museums, private collections and tourist information centers along the way. We wish you a safe step on the Path of Peace.